What makes psychological assessment so powerful is the  research that drives it.

Some of the published research from our providers

Mogavero J.N., Saad A., Young J., Cohen M., Yoo J., Beattey R., Bender H.A. (2020). The Role of Neuropsychology in Determining Capacity for Informed Consent for Elective Neurosurgical Intervention in Epilepsy Patients: A Case Series. International Neuropsychological Society 2020 Annual Meeting, Denver, CO.

Beattey, R.A., Bender, H.A., Cornwell, M., Murphy, H., Stein, V.A., Braun, T., & Goldstein, M.A. (2016). Caution warranted in extrapolating from Boston Naming Test item gradation construct. Clinical Neuropsychology: Adult, 15:1-8

Beattey, R.A., Bender, H.A., Zapf, R. (2014, August). What every lawyer should know about forensic psychology: Basic neuropsychology, psychology in the courtroom, psychology in the courtroom, psychologists as experts, and the neuroscience of mens rea. [Webinar]. Nationwide CLE webinar conducted for Lorman, Eau Claire, WI.


You can help

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